Displaying more citation fields in bibliography [Chicago 16th Footnotes]

I am new to using Endnote and Chicago Manual Style 16th Edition Footnotes. I have been used to the APA style format of displaying fields such as access date and other necessary fields in the bibliography. However, it seems that the Chicago 16th Footnotes excludes many fields that I have entered into the field sections. For instance, I have a webpage citation and I have entered the access date, but in the preview (and subsequently in my document) it does not display the access date. 

Any suggestions? Thanks.

You would need to edit the output style to include the items in the footnote templates for the reference types.  It is important to understand the nuances of these templates, to ensure that punctuation that should only appear if the field has content, don’t show up, so you need to include the “link adjacent” (which is a small centered diamond shape) and the “separation” characters(the pipe |)  inserted from the field dropdown list.