accession number


I have trial version of endnote x5. and i have little problem

I need to modify output style. I need special form of reference template.

I need this form

journal article

Author Year. Title In|. Journal | [online].|. ISSN ISSN|, Date| vol. Volume|, no. Issue|, p. Pages| [cit.2012-02-12].|.| Dostupné na Web of Science, AN Accession Number

I would like to have this form

HOWARD, K.I., MORAS, K., BRILL, P., MARTINOVICH, Z., LUTZ, W. 1996. Evaluation of Psychotherapy : Efficacy, Effectivenes, and Patient Progress. In American Psychologist [online]. ISSN 0003-066X, October 1996, Vol.51, No.10, pp.1059-1064 [cit.2008-04-08]. Dostupné na: Web of Science, AN 9702193342.

Problem is, that Accession number never occur in references. everithing else from cite is Ok but accession number



Please attach your style.  We need to see the “link adjacent” characters as well, and they won’t copy/paste.

but I tested the text you provided, and it works for me?  I wonder if you are sure an Accession number is in the field of the record you are referencing and the you have applied the modified output style to the manuscript you are working on (rather than just in the Endnote Program). 

Style is ISO 690

Sorry went home just after my message!  Can you attach the version you have with the Accession Number and other editing additions?  This attached version doesn’t have the additional fields you described.