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I started to use Endnote X3 with Microsoft Word. I need to use the style ACS, but the editorial request that references should be numbered in square brackets. When I select ACS style I get references numbered sequentially but as superscripts, and sometimes, in the endnotes, some of the grouped together like 2; a) b) c).

How can I use ACS style but with numbered brackets and just one number per reference?


These are all adjusted via the _Edit>Output Style> Edit “style currently selected”  _in Endnote.  Those options are listed under citations>Template and Citations>Numbering.  I have attached a style where the superscript has been converted to a square bracketed version, non-superscripted and I removed the checks for “Grouped References” and “Composite Citations” (the latter only became an available option in ENX3).  You should be able to open this file and save it, and then change the output style to this one for the manuscript in question.  Reformat or insert a new reference and they should all reflect the changes. 

ACS [bracketed].ens (21.5 KB)

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this is exactly what I was looking for

thanks a lot!

Hi Leanne,

I tried to do exactly as you outlined, by saving the bracketed output style and then opening it in EN X4.  The bracketed style even shows up in the EN software.  I selected it as the output style.  Then I went back to the document I was working on and selected " Update Citations and Bibliography".  Unfortunately, the new bracketed style didn’t apply and I am still stuck with the lousy ACS grouped references with superscripts.

I then retried with a new Word file, and inserted references and selected “Update Citations and Bibliography”… Again, the bracketed referencing style didn’t kick in.

Clearly I’ve done something wrong here but can’t figure out what.  Any advice?

Regards. - Shaneel

You are certain that the manuscript has the style you think it does showing in the Output style when you run the Format Bibliography dialog in the dialog itself.  Selecting it in the endnote program view doesn’t apply it to the manuscript.  If so, PM me and maybe I can look at the manuscript itself?

hi dear sir 

please send template as per requirement, References must be listed in the ACS Style only. All references should be numbered sequentially [in square brackets] in the text and listed in the same numerical order in the reference section.