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I bought 2 months ago via institutional account Endnote X5. As I got a training two days ago I started endnote (also via institutional account)… I now want to transfer from my web account to x5.

But as I was told by the program my activation is not possible and I should contact techn. Support.

I tried it several times. Still not possible (always via institutional web of the university)

What can I do?

Why Isn´t it possible?

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I was able to find an existing EndNote Web account linked to your email address. Have you tried restarting your computer and clicking “Tools>EndNote Web” within EndNote X5 to attempt transferring your records again?  If the transfer fails, please let me know the exact message you receive during this process.

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I reinstalled my pc and Endnote fails to activate. None of the functions work." command not available"

It is registerd

Did your reinstall endnote last? (after MS Office?)

Good morning,

I am having the same problem mentioned.

I have been using EndNote X5 for a few months and recently opened an EndNote Web account. When trying to transfer my references from PC to Web, I try activating the EndNote Web from EndNote program, and is telling me that 

“EndNote Web registration could not be completed at this time. Please contact technical support”.

I am trying to do this, so I can work on my EndNote libraries on my ipad as well.

I am unable to transfer any references at this time and I do not know how to make this work. Could this have something to be with being using an EndNote X5 program that was bought for the laboratory where I work and I do not have the program registered with my name?

Thank you very much for your help.


Doesn’t the iPad synch with Endnote Web and Endnote Web only synchs properly with EndnoteX6 and not EndnoteX5?  I googled this and couldn’t find any information that said which versions of Endnote were necessary for the iPad app.