Transfer endnoteweb to desktop version

I tried to transfer my references from endnoteweb to the desktop version.

I got an error, it says I should upgrade my webaccount. I also tried to do that but the “active button” wasn´t working. (You need to have a two-year endnote web account) At the moment I just use the 30-day demo-version of endnote X5.

Is that the reason why I can´t transfer?

EndNote X5 users have the ability to upgrade their EndNote Web account in order to transfer attachments and figures. If you have the Demo version of EndNote X5, you would not be able to do this. If you do have an EndNote Web account, make sure you go to the Edit (or EndNote menu on the Mac) and select Preferences. Click on the EndNote Web option and enter your account credentials. With the Demo software, you will not be able to Activate. Click OK or Save and Close the Preferences screen on the Mac. When you attempt to perform a Transfer using the Tools > EndNote Web command, uncheck the option to "Include File and Figure Attachments." You should still be able to transfer your reference information without the attachments/figures. If you obtain the full version of EndNote X5, you can Activate the Demo. You would then be able to Upgrade your EndNote Web account using the Activate button. To Activate a Demo version of the software, see the following article:

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