Endnote X.5.0.1 + windows 8.1


I am using endnote X5.0.1 under windows 8.1. I also use endnote on my iPad and therefore need to transfer files  via endnote web.

My endnote web account is activated. My endnote on the ipad is activated and the sync between the two works well so far.

However,  I’ve just changed my laptop and  I can not tranfer files form X5 to endnote web any more. I used to be able to tranfer file from X5 to endnote web (on the old laptop) but not any more on the new laptop.

I tried to activate X5 on the new laptop and I get the following message “EndNote registration could not be completed. The activation period for the complimentary EndNote subscription expired September 2013.”  but on my endnote web account the X5 has an active status which is valid until July 2015.

Any help on how to solve that issue is welcome.