Add hotkey for inserting only year in in-line citations (APA 6)

Friends, as an education researcher I follow the APA 6 style guidelines which call for simple in-line citations.  Under that rubric, when you cite an author’s name in the body of the sentence you simply follow with a parenthetical citation of the year of the work being referenced.  A hotkey combination to allow me to insert just the year would be fantastic!

Currently, my workflow looks like this (I work on Mac OS 10.8.2):

  1. Select the reference I wish to insert (I do this by searching - command-F - from the library of references)

  2. Hit the hotkey combo: shift-command-i to insert the reference

  3. Go back to my Word 2011 document

  4. Right-click on the reference in question

  5. From the contextual menu select Edit Citation: Exclude Author

  6. Go back to writing

My proposed workflow would be shortened the following:

  1. Select the reference to insert

  2. Hit the hotkey combo: shift-command-y to insert just the year

  3. Go back to writing

I cannot tell you how much time this would save me in my writing.  I am working on my dissertation and have hundreds of works that I am citing and I must cite each of them with some frequency.  This would shave thousands of mouse-clicks and a big chunk of time off of my writing.

Thanks for considering the addition of the year-only hotkey combo.