How to insert only year (instead of having to edit after inserting author and year)



I am a doctoral student in higher education and thus use APA 6 formatting guidelines.  Everytime I insert an inline citation from Endnote 6, it automatically inserts both author and year.  However, much of the time I only want to see the year and hide the author’s name.  Is there a shortcut for this?  I can’t seem to find one.  Sure would be a great timesaver.


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Use EndNote’s “Edit Citation” feature to change in-text citations. Place your cursor on the citation, right-click, select “Edit Citations” then the desired format (e.g., Exclude Authorr) - see attached image.

My shortcut is to work with CWYW off, and delete the author name from the curly bracketed endnote insert.  Otherwise the only way is to go thru the three click process of right click in the grey field/endnote formated citation, select edit citation and then exclude author (or Author (YEAR) if more appropriate). 

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Thanks CrazyG.  This is what I currently do, but it takes a lot of time and effort, especially since I have to do it so often.  Sure would be nice if they could just create a simple hotkey shortcut that allows you to insert author, year, or author and year.

    Sure would be nice if they could just create a simple hotkey shortcut that allows you to insert author, year, or author and year.

You might submit this as a product suggestion (see link to forum below) - enabling users to define a specific in-text citation format other than the current default (Author, Year) so the same format (e.g., Exclude Author, Exclude Year, etc.) will be applied for subsequent citations until the setting is changed by the user.

ooh, I would hate that… too much room for ti to be set accidentally. 

I suspect the developers would want to know how the hotkey process you might envision to insert the modified citation might work.  A thread in Suggestions could then discuss variants that you and others might refine?

You are in Endnote, and select the record  -  exactly how do you process the insertion now (I click on the insert from the endnote toolbar, which jumps back to Word and inserts it, or I first return to the word document and type ctrl+V. - in my case with CWYW off, it is easy to remove the part I don’t want to appear in the citation,or move the author name to a place outside the brackets if it is to become a part of the sentence structure.) 

You might suggest some other combinations (not currently used elsewhere) to insert just the Year, and another to insert just the Author, and ctrl something else to insert Author (Year).   

I guess I just prefer picking my version from a  drop down, when using CWYW rather than remembering alternative shortcuts.   

Thank you for these helpful replies.

Currently, I select the reference I wish to insert in Endnote and then hit shift-command-i to insert it.  I would love to be able to hit shift-command-y to simply insert the year.  I can’t imagine a scenario for needing to insert author name only (in APA 6 when you cite the author’s name in the body of the sentence you simply cite the year in parentheses).  I would like the feature to be set to that hotkey combo so that I can use it when I wish and only then.

I will look into starting a thread to suggest this feature.  Thanks again for the great feedback!