hotkeys for cite as you write options!

When writing a paper, I often type {Author, year} as a short cut rather than click insert citation and then finding the author etc… 

However, there doesnt seem to be a way to write a short cut for “Author (year)” rather than “(Author year)”.  I noticed though that typing {Author year} (without a comma) produces the citation as “(Author)” -  no year but in brackets.

I would think that 99% of citations that arent in the format “(Author year)” would need to instead be “Author (year)”. Can I therefore request that you make a code shortcut for this using the { } code. It could be {author (year)} ?? Or even you could replace {author year} as when does anyone need to cite an author in brackets without a date??

PLEASE!! I spend SOOO much time clicking edit citation in my thesis instead of just typing…


This is another reason I usually have CWYW off.  

I have an Auto-paste option for the author (YEAR) temp edit which inserts the underlined portion following the record number. This is what the Author (YEAR) edit citation does too.  Beware the auto paste options though, which can introduce spaces.  

{Abe, 1989 #926@@author-year}   

At the end of the day, the above “code” results in  Abe (1989) as a result, when this temporary citation is formated. I suppose one could also create some more elegant macro to creat a hot key, in the absence of the TR solution.