Is there a section for adding multiple book editors


This is probably not a big issue but an important one nevertheless considering most academic books today consist of multiple editors >2 or more.

When one tries to add a new reference with manual entry - one can choose what type of reference it is - a journal article, a book section, an edited book and so on so forth. However, under book, or edited book or book section - the form field has an input area under editor or series editor BUT NOT editorS or series editorS.

I find this a problem as if I have to cite a book with multiple editors for example such as this:

Malawer M. Periacetabular Resections. In: Malawer M, Sugarbaker PH, ed. Musculoskeletal Cancer Surgery: Treatment of Sarcomas and Allied Diseases: Springer, 2001:425-438

One can easily see that there are two editors and therefore the abbreviation should highlight as (Eds.) and not (ed.). While I can manually update this in my word document (not on Endnote though), if one has multiple entries with multiple editors - then it becomes time consuming not to mention the risk of missing out the manual addition of an s!

I use Endnote X. I dunno if later versions have this update… but if someone can confirm if there exists a solution for this - I will be happy to know. Else I will take it up with Thomson customer supoprt directly.


The style can and should distinguish how many editors are listed and make the adjustment between ed and eds.  This is defined in the style bibliography template by something like:

Editor, ed.^eds. in the edited book and book section styles (and other templates that have editor fields). 

where the caret between the ed. and eds means pick the correct singular or plural.  Remember that your editors need to be entered one per line just like the authors field. 

Thank you for the update.

Can I do this by going to Preferences and then modify the reference types to accept multiple editor lists?

No, I suspect that the style you are using should already be adapted to do so.  it should be automatic, unless you have altered your style, assuming you put your editors into the field properly.  Attach your style.  You can look at the style, by going to Edit>Ouptput Style>edit “the stylename you are using”.  look at the templates section of the bibliography.  See the attached screen shot with the ed^eds item. 

OK… I have taken a scrn shot too of my output file. I do see the ed and eds in there. As you can see in the scrn shot… the book section though has eds in the setup it still shows up in the final file as ed only (red circle). 

Should I delete the part highlighted with the green rectangle for it to work then?

Please attach the style and show us a screen shot of the openned record? 

I downloaded the AJR output style from Endnotes website (it desn’t have the year bolded, but neither did the author instructions for AJR) and tested it on a couple of book section refs in my library.  the output is shown in the attached GIF with ‘eds.’ for a multi editor record.  A screen shot of teh record’s entry is also attached. I also attach the style, if you want to try it. 

AJR(downloaded).ens (10.2 KB)