Adding Legal Styles

I have two legal styles I wanted to add to EN: Bluebook-Law-Review, and Bluebook-Brief.

The fiorst installed fine.  I double-clicked it and it opened the style manager, and there it was, listed.

The second hoever seems ornery.  If I doble-click it the style manager opens, but it doesn’t show up listed anywhere that I can see.

What am I doing wrong here?


Chuck Billow

When you double-click on the Bluebook-Brief file the style window  opens and while its open, go to the EndNote toolbar, click FILE, SAVE AS.  When the “Save as” pop-up window appears, delete the word “Copy” so the style name is: Bluebook-Brief.  Then click the SAVE button.

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Outside of the fact that I can obviously neither spell nor type, …


Yes but you can edit the post, which is what I always do after posting and noticing my atrocious spelling! - even after spell checking!

I dunno WHAT I did yesterday, but today that worked.

Thanks CG!

I s’pose I am guilty of lazy hands AND mind!

Thanks Leanne.



and delete a post that hasn’t been directly responded to, so I am going to delete this one, and if you delete your later ones, I can delete mine, etc.  so we can clean up this thread a bit???