"Importing" Styles

I downloaded two styles from the Reuters site – Bluebook-Brief and luebook-Law Review.

I tried to install both, but only the Law Review shows up in the style manager now – and maybe that one was already there and neither installed.

All I did was open the ENS file for each.  They both opened and showed up in the manager.

What did I need to do that I didn’t yet?


Chuck Billow

Installing an output style involves saving then selecting the file.  I think the Bluebook Law-Review style is already loaded into the style manager so you’ll just need to add the Bluebook brief.

  1. To install an output style file, just double-click the file. This will launch the EndNote program and display the style file (see Image1). Then go to the EndNote toolbar, select FILE, SAVE AS. 

  2. At the save prompt, notice that the word “Copy” is added to the file name but delete it (unless you prefer saving it as a copy.  Now click the “Save” button. Repeat steps 1 and 2 for the second output style file.

  3. Go to the EndNote toolbar, select EDIT, OUTPUT STYLES, OPEN STYLE MANAGER. This will display the “EndNote Styles” box (see Image2). 

  4. To view, select and apply the output style, go to the toolbar, select EDIT, OUTPUT STYLES.  Both Bluebook styles are displayed. Click to select the style you want to use and it will appear in the upper portion of the library window.

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I’ll give that a shot.



Worked exactly!