Bluebook Legal Citation and EndNote

How do I go about setting up Endnote to work with legal citation formats?

Chuck Billow

There are two bluebook styles you can download from here. You can just type “blue”’ in the box (not with quotes), open them (there are two) and save them (they should open in endnote automatically and can be saved from there to the appropriate folders).  Not being in the field of law, I can’t comment on how good they are for your needs.  I seem to remember discussions in the past, in the old forums, that indicated that there were aspects of Law styles that were difficult to implement in this software which has traditionally been marketed for scientists and more recently for the humanities. 

Leanne, I got them, thanks.  As for how good they are, I can’t really comment either, since I am still in school, and am totally new the EndNote as well.

I can tell you that  have had Citation for a while and EndNore seems a good deal more flexible and more easily adapted to as well.  In addition, I started this tryout just in the last couple days because of some great reviews EN has received.