adding page numbers (and prefixes etc)


New here so apologies if this is simple or a repeat.

Is it possible to add page numbers, sufixes and prefixes whilst in the process of adding a citation.  This as opposed to first adding the citation and then going back and editing it.  Seems an obvious thing but i cant find it.



In the Formatted state you will need to use the Edit and Manage Citation command to be able to add page numbers and prefixes etc.

You could turn Instant Formatting off and work with unformatted citatiosn that you add page numbers and prefixes etc manually.

Citation Prefixes


You can type a prefix in front of any unformatted in-text citation, using a backslash to separate the prefix text from the reference. For example, an in-text citation such as:

 {see also \Hall, 1988 #77}

formatted in the APA style would be:

(see also Hall, 1988)

When there is only one prefix in a multiple citation and it is at the beginning of the citation, it will stay there regardless of how the citations are sorted. For example, this citation:

{e.g. \Hall,1988 #77; Argus, 1991 #11}

 after being formatted in the APA style will appear as:

(e.g. Argus, 1991; Hall, 1988)

If the prefix is not at the beginning of the multiple citation, or if there is more than one prefix in a multiple citation, the prefix text remains with the reference it precedes. For example, this citation:

{Argus, 1984 #11; especially \Hall, 1988 #77}

formatted in the Author-Date style will be:

(Argus, 1984; especially Hall, 1988)

Citation Suffixes


Text typed after the record number or search text in an unformatted citation appears immediately after the citation when it is formatted. For example, these citations:

 {Hall, 1988 #77, p. 5}

 {Smith, 1995, dinosaur, p.293}

 after being formatted in the APA style will appear as:

(Hall, 1988, p. 5)

(Smith, 1995, p.293)

In multiple citations, the suffix text remains with the citation that it follows, even if the citations are sorted differently during the formatting process. For example, this citation:

{Hall, 1988 #77 p. 5; Argus, 1991 #11}

formatted in the Author-Date style will be:

(Argus, 1991; Hall, 1988 p. 5)

Citing Specific Page Numbers in Footnotes

To manually include specific page numbers to a reference in an unformatted footnote citation, enter the page number preceded by “@” at the end of the temporary citation:

 {Smith, 1999 #24 @145-6}

All text that follows the @ symbol (up to the next space) is considered the “Cited Pages.” You must also configure the EndNote style used to format the paper to use “Cited Pages” in the footnote template. Most EndNote styles that require a special format for citations in footnotes are already configured this way.

You can find all of this information in the EndNote Help or on our website