Adding page numbers for quotes X9

I have mastered how to add page numbers for quotes when th ereference appears in the format (Smith, 2020) - I convert to unformatted , add an @Page number then update and it works. However, I am getting in a mess when the referenc reads Smith (2020) . Is it easy to add a page number so it appears Smith (2020:10) for example and how do I do it. 

It depends on the output style citation template being correctly formated.  What output style are you using, as both the (Author, Year) and the Author (Year) templates would need to be carefully formated with the Cited Pages field.    You should also be able to right click in a formatted citation select more and put your page numbers in the correct box (but either using this method or the @pages method only works if the cited pages field is included in the citation template)-- Personally, I prefer putting the pages exactly as I want them to appear in the suffix field, so in your case, right click in citation in word, edit citation, more and  put :10 in the suffix box.  This avoids some of the tricky link adjacent and separate characters you need to include in the citation template when using “cited pages” box.