adding unwanted references into local library on clicking insert citation button when selecting from online libraries

When I search for a citation on line using a library such as PubMed from within Endnote, when I find the citation I am looking for and click on the insert citation, endnote inserts the citation into my document appropriately  but then  includes not only the citation that I have selected into my library,  but also all of the citations in the list which it found for me to choose from into my library.

I can work around this by first copying the reference to my local library then using cite while u write to add the relevant reference both to my document and to my library but I am hoping that someone has found a more elegant solution.

You should never ever insert from the online search, - only from refs you have transferred to your permanent Endnote library.  Otherwise the underlying citation/field info is gone when you close the online search.  That is the real reason they tried to force users to have an integrated search/library interface in Endnote X2 and later.  Anything found in a search is then automatically added to your library and you could never insert from a temporary “library”.  We established users hated it, but I understand how it could be useful for new users. 

So you might want to consider using the first mode, the integrated library/search, if you don’t want to be bothered with the extra step of transferring only those references you actually want - to the main library before utilizing in a paper.  . 

I think I may have misunderstood what you were saying in rereading the post.  Are you searching from integrated to begin with - or from the stand alone online search mode?  Which version of Endnote? 

I am using endnote x4.

I have used most versions from 7 onwards although I have not been writing for the past 12 months and am just getting back into using endnote.

Certainly in the earlier versions I was able to dynamically use endnote while writing in word to search an on-line library, choose a citation from a list, and  insert it into my document and save the refernce to  it to my library without corrupting my library by adding all of the other unwanted citations.

This problem is not by design but a substantial failing and is noted in the faq’s with a promised solution.

I am merely asking if anyone has a work around.

I find it hard to believe that there is not a demand to be able to write, search the literature concurrently.  Surely this is what cite while you write means.


Well, the only way it worked for you in the past, would be that the reference was added to the traveling library of the manuscript itself, and it would never be linked to the version you subsequently moved to your library.  Not an ideal situation, as  edited records in your library would not be reflected in your manuscript. 

To which FAQ are you referring? 

Since you plan to move the reference to your library anyway, why not switch to online mode, and reverse the steps, First copy it from there to the library, and insert it from the library (it is automatically placed in a temporary group, “copied”?)  

I am not sure, if I were an Endnote developer, I would be able to figure out a way to reliably copy a record to the library whenever the user wanted to insert from an online search – first checking if it might already be in the library to avoid addition of duplicates –  and link it to the library’s version (which the user subsequently moves there?) What if you forgot in the past to move it after insertion?  

But I am not a developer, and I don’t work for Endnote. 

 FYI - The integrated mode can (if you alter the duplicate settings in preferences) eliminate duplicates, but not the Online mode.  But I too will not use the integrated mode except in very special circumstances, as I rarely have a specific enough search to not be thoroughly annoyed with the random addition of all the resulting matches into my library.