Alphabetization of Connection Files in X3

My Connection Files listed in the Online Search Group in the left pane of EndNote X3 have become reverse alphabetized – from Z to A rather than from A to Z.  How do I correct this?  Thanks for your insight.

Mine have always been reverse sorted/alpha – never noticed before…


I’m almost sure mine used to be in A to Z order. [Unless I’m dreaming!]  I can’t seem to find anything about this in the documentation.  Perhaps some Forum-goer will know the answer.


Clicking the “My Library” column header in the Groups pane will sort the groups. There should be a small triangle displaying that indicates the sort direction.

Jason Rollins, the EndNote team

Thanks, Jason, that works.  Only problem is that in correcting my Connection files it also resorts my Smart Groups which were already in A to Z order.  They go to Z to A order.  Somehow the 2 sets of Groups got out of whack alphabetically.  If you have any other ideas please let me know.  I am glad to get my Connection files in the right order as I have a lot of those!

If you switch from the integrated search mode to the library mode and sort by clicking on My Library it will change the sort order of the groups, not the connections.  Then if you switch back to the integrated search mode the groups and connections should be in sync.

Very curious. It does seem that the Online Search Group Set sorts differently from other, custom-created Group Sets. I doubt this was on purpose but there may have been some technical issue we had to work around at one point. I am quite surprised that this has never been noticed before.

Is it safe to assume that most folks would prefer the sort to be the same for all Group Sets? If yes, I will have someone look into this for EndNote X4 - which we are currently working on.

Jason Rollins, the EndNote team

My vote is certainly “Yes.”  All Group sets should have the same sort order.  I’d be curious to hear from other users whether there is this disconnect in their copy of EndNote X3.  I don’t think I had this problem initially  Perhaps it happened when I updated to X3.0.1?

Jason – I did some more investigating and yes, this is an artifact of the update of X3 to X3.0.1.  The update causes the order reversal of the Connection files while not affecting the order of other Groups in the Group window.  It’s something I didn’t notice when I performed the upgrade.  Perhaps you could report this as a bug to the X4 development team.


I reported it and am hopeful we can address this - along with a few other Groups-related UI glitches for EndNote X4.

Jason Rollins, the EndNote team