An unknown error occurred on Word 2011 Mac

I am really getting annoyed by this non-descriptive error “An unknown error occurred” when using Endnote X7 with Word on a mac.  

Everything seems to be okay with the document, it works fine under Office 2010 for Windows and the Windows version of X7.  But not on a mac.  There the warning pops up every few minutes.

I wonder how anyone could design a piece of software that reports such an obviously useless message?  Unknown error?

I’ve seen some (old) posts about fixing this on Windows machines but nothing mac-related.  So how can one get rid of this problem on a mac?

Did you try to put curve brackets into the text? I encountered the same issue and I spent the whole day found out that it is all because I typed in “{” and “}”. After I took them out, everything seems working. Try that and I hope any technical support staff will look into fixing this bug.

Hello, did you try to intent uninstall Word on Mac and upload the new version ?

And maybe it’s because of your firewall. I encountered this problem with the download of my new firewall.

If nothing works, you can phone the after-sales service Apple…


El error aparece, en ocasiones, porque alguna de las referencias está corrupta. Así que hay que revisar el dcoumento que se esta escribiendo, para lo que debe mirar de la última a la primera referencia.