Annotated MLA 8 Bibliography in EndNote 9

I found a web page that said I could change the Heading for Column 10 to “Research notes” (sans quotes) and then use that field for bibliography annotations.

I could not, however, find a style for MLA 8 Annotated.  Did I just miss it, is it not available, or will placing annotations in Column 10 then allow me to add that column to my bibliography why output?

Chuck Billow

How about downloading from here?

But Leanne, since that was created inn 2013, is that MLA 8 Compliant?

Probably not exactly.  It is possibly easier to follow the instructions in the original link you posted (which was related to Harvard, but would be similar) to add the research notes to your templates in MLA 8 I guess.  

I added the Research notes to each template of MLA 8 to the attached.  

MLA (2.99 KB)