EndNote Web Citation Styles

Hi everyone!

I have been using EndNote Web with the Cite While You Write-Plug-in for a while now and am extremely happy with it.

Recently, however, the citation style I have always (mla-annotated) used has disappeared and I only remain with three styles to choose from.

Why is that? I have recently re-installed the plug-in on my laptop. Is a newer version the reason for the problem?

Problem solved. It’s working again! :slight_smile:

How did you solve the problem?  I’ve got annotated (always a favorite style!) now on my favorites list, so it shows up as an option.  However, it generates APA instead of annotated. 

A big stick (closing both Word and Endnotes and reopening) did get rid of the APA, however… 

I realized what I was really looking for was “Show All”.  That’s not printing all fields, however, just the research notes.  Is there some new style that shows what I REALLY want… a citation with the abstract, notes, and research notes all showing?  Labels and whatnot are useful too, most of the time, but the immediate project is a little different.