Export PDF annotations (highlight, notes, etc.)

It would be helpful to be able to view and/or export all of the PDF annotations from a record or set of records for viewing offline or in another app. 

For example, if I highlight text in the PDF, I would like to be able to have a view of all of those annotations compiled in one place.  This can be done in MacOS Preview by opening the PDF and selecting View:Highlights and Notes (ctrl-cmd-4).  It would be nice to do it within EndNote, and have EN compile the info automatically rather than having to view files one by one in Preview.  This would make for a handy reference when writing about articles or other resources.

Then once the annotations are compiled, it would be nice to be able to export them.  This would be especially useful if I could select a group of articles and then export a compilation of all the notes for all of them.  This could then be opened in Word or another app, and used as a reference or for quotes when writing.

This is indeed a great idea for a research and wrting tool.  Was any effort placed into this idea?

This is a very good idea. Has any work been done to incorporate this idea?  It would save scores of hours in research and writing.  I have been searching the internet to find a windows compatible app that does this.  There are several that work on mac.