Sharing Checklist for EndNote 20

We are going from EndNote X9.2 to EndNote 20. Has anyone created a checklist for their customers before they move to EndNote 20 that you are willing to share?

Thank you for this information.

Haven’t yet upgraded to 20, but did experience a lot of headaches with the X9 to X9.3 change. Two (make that at least three) things.

I always suggest they backup the existing library to a safe space (I suggest to copy past the .enl and the .DATA folder to a hard drive of the computer. Endnote libraries don’t even like any network drives which is a “pita”, and will absolutely not work on any cloud drive including one drive. Much better than any of the compression tools. Make sure on a Mac, it doesn’t use apple tools to “compress” either.

Ensure that they (before upgrading to either X9.3 or Endnote20) – change open library preferences to none or prompt (so it doesn’t keep trying to open the preconversion library and overwrite the new converted library!). After conversion, again copy to a safe place.

Then if you want to continue to use the sync functions, you need to rename the post conversion library and its .DATA folder, back to the preconversion name, or reset sync to the cloud all over again. (the steps of which I can’t remember how to do safely).

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