(Anon., year) in text?

Hello everyone,

I’m new on the forum and tried to find the answer by myself… but now I need your help :slight_smile:

I’m creating a template in endnote X4, and I cannot manage to insert anon. automatically in the text when my reference is authorless… is there a solution for that?

what I want is:

blablabla ( anon., year )

what I get is:

blablabla ( year )

then, I need to edit the reference and add the prefix anon. , but it would be easier to get it done automatically…

In the template, I’ve ticked replace by: anon. (or similar?) in the _Anonymous wo_rk section; I thought it would work, but nop, it doesn’t!

Also, I could write anon. instead of leaving the field author blank when I create the reference, but it wouldn’t be ok for some journals which want anonymous

If you have the solution, please, let me know