Anyone experiencing this too??

Hi :),

Not too sure which version of X2 Im using because it still says X201 in the ‘About’ menu although when I do an update it says Im using the latest version of X2.

My problem seems so simple but its really getting on my nerves!

Im trying to use Direct Export from Ovid (Embase) and am pretty sure I got the steps right (updated all my filters too). However, after the importing process (which takes really long for 1800 references), the Author column says **No Filter** and the Title column says **Details in Notes Field** #

Im am on the verge on reverting to X1.

Please help me dear enlightened ones!

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I thought there was a known problem with Ovid having poor compatibility with Endnote? I.e. the problem may be with Ovid.

Have you tried exporting from EMbase to a file and importing, and does that work?  If so, maybe this thread will help?