X3 issues with PsycInfo Ovid and Embase Ovid - No filter???

Patron has X3. He is doing searches in Ovid PsycInfo. He exports ranges 200 items at a time with no issue. He hits a certain range and the records that are exported into Endnote read “**No Filter**” The bibliographic info is in the notes field. We have updated the filter and it’s still happening.

He also reports this is happening in Embase (Thru Ovid).

Help? Thoughts? Ideas?

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If you had searched this forum before posting (e.g. with the search terms “ovid” and “200”), you would have found this thread which discussed your problem already: http://forums.thomsonscientific.com/ts/board/message?board.id=en-general&thread.id=1712&view=by_date_ascending&page=1

If you had read my entire message you would see that EMBASE is also displaying this problem.

The thread you pointed me to suggests removing filters A through E? The patron is doing complex searches on multiple databases including some that begin with those letters (e.g. EMBASE - again having the same issues as Ovid PsycINFO) which would fall within that range.

Did you check with Ovid what your download limit is, as suggested in the thread I pointed out to you?

This is a weird situation. The patron is affliated with two universities. Mine and another. He is accessing the Ovid products through the other university. He seems to think the download limit is 1000, but I cannot contact Ovid on behalf of another university. If no one here has a better solution, I will need to direct the patron to contact EndNote directly, I guess.

Colleague has just had this problem. The solution is to downloade as a RIS file and then import the file into Endnote.

I’m using EndNote X4 and still having the same problem with Medline on Ovid: with more than 200 results, the records that are exported into Endnote read “**No Filter**” when doing a direct export via Firefox. If I download the records in the “Endnote” format and then import with the Medline (OvidSP) filter, it works.

Has anyone come across a solution to this?