APA 5th - Electronic Technical or Research Report

I am attempting to modify the APA style to better cater for electronic reports. What I am trying to do is have the Style add the words “Retrieved from” [Publisher:] [URL] where the [Publisher] field contains the name of the website and [URL] the URL. However, as can be seen from the examples below, taken from the “APA Style Guide to Electronic References”, if the publisher is the same as the author then that name is not repeated in the retrieval sentence (see 2. below) but if the publisher is different to the author then it is included (see 1).

What I cannot do is add the words “Retrieved from” if only the URL is filled in.

My current attempt, which is not working properly, is:

Author (Year, Date|). Title| (|Type| No. Report Number|)|. City|: Institution|. Retrieved from Publisher|: URL 

  1. Kutner, M., Greenberg, E., Jin, Y., & Paulsen, C. (2006). The
    health literacy of America’s adults: Results from the 2003
    National Assessment of Adult Literacy (Report No. NCES
    2006–483). Retrieved from National Center for Education
    Statistics: http://nces.ed.gov/pubs2006/2006483.pdf

  2. Pearson PLC. (2005). Reading allowed: Annual review and
    summary financial statements 2004. Retrieved from

So I suppose in more general terms, my question is how do I make a single Report template create both the examples above as well as cater for when it is not an electronic report at all?

Any help appreciated here.


So, your Publisher field has something if the publisher is different from authors, and empty if the publisher is the same as authors, right? Or, do you want Endnote to compare the author and publisher intelligently if it displays publisher or not? If you think the latter, that’s not possible with style definition. If the former is the case, the problem is maybe the colon before URL which is always there.

Where are the link adjacent symbols?  (the little "o"s).  I think the problem is, that if you don’t want the “retrieved from” there sometimes (if there is neither a Publisher or a URL), you can’t use the same template/Ref type.  Currently, I suspect that the Publisher is linked to “Retrieved from”.  I am not aware of any way to link the pharse to one or the other or both, in one template, so that it doesn’t appear if neither field is present.  There is no nesting feature.  If you want “Retrieved from” to always appear, than it needs to be unlinked (no little circle) from the Publisher’s name.  Since these are all electronic sources, they should all have a URL?  Otherwise, the record’s Ref Type would be Journal, or some other non-electronic type. 

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Thank-you both for replying.

I do want “Retrieved from” to appear in all cases as there is always a URL. The problem is when there is no publisher at the moment all I get is the URL without the “Retrieved from”.

Myoshigi wrote “So, your Publisher field has something if the publisher is different from authors, and empty if the publisher is the same as authors, right?” And yes you have expressed this much better than my so far mangled and incoherent attempt.

I see now my initial post of the template wasn’t clear as the linking symbols didn’t show up. Here it is again with those symbols replaced with *

Author (Year, Date|). Title| (|Type|*No.*Report Number|)|. Retrieved from*Publisher|:*URL*

I just tried this (without the breaking space after the colon) and it didn’t work either.

Author (Year, Date|). Title| (|Type|*No.*Report Number|)|. Retrieved from Publisher:*URL*

any further thoughts?

What you need is a vertical bar separator after “Retrieved From”, that makes “Retrieved From” independent from the presence of publisher entry. There is a good description in Endnote help, explaining these sytaxes, what is dependent or not, the order of dependence etc.

Also, do you need single quotation ’ around the Retrieved From text? That could be considered as “punctuation” if you read the rule set by Endnote.

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Author (Year, Date|). Title| (|Type|*No.*Report Number|)|. Retrieved from| Publisher|: URL

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Eureka! Thank-you both for your help and replies.