APA 6th Edition Styles

  • Can anyone tell me the difference in the four below or a link that will explain?  All are in ENDNOTE.   Thank you
  • APA 6th - American Psychological Association 6th Edition
  • APA 6th Sections
  • APA 6th-Annotated
  • APA 6th-Full Author Name


The differences among the four styles  can be determined by viewing the “Comments and limitations” field information listed in each style.  (To access the information, go to the EndNote toolbar, select EDIT, OUTPUT STYLES, EDIT (name of style).  Then scroll down the “Comments” field for info or for a larger, easier to read format, click the Edit button to open the style then read the info in the “Comments and limitations” field.

The APA 6th (American Psychology Association 6th Edition) style is the 'primary" style which formats in-text citations and bibliography in accordance with APA style requiements.  The three additional styles (sections, annotated, author full name) are variations of the primary APA 6th style due to the modifications noted below:

  1. Sections.  The “Sections” setting has been changed to enable generating multiple or separate bibliographies  (instead of the usual single bibliography at the end of the document). Separate bibliographies may be preferred when, for example, writing chapters.

  2. Annotated.  The bibliography templates have been modified to include the field “Research Notes” so the information will be included in the bibliography.

  3. Author full name. The “Author Name” setting has been changed to “Full name” (instead of the usual initials setting) so the full author’s name appears in the bibliography.