APA 6th in-text citation trouble for more than 2 authors

Hi everyone,

I just finished input the ref library yesterday. Today i tried to do in-text citation with MS Word, APA 6th, Endnote X9, on MacOS Mojave. I had trouble with the output of in-text citation for any ref that has more than 2 authors. I did looked for old posts and topics but seems like no one get this basic problem. seriously i dont understand why.

For example. I try APA 6th format

The ref appears well like this: 

Sachdeva, I., & Goel, S. (2015). Retail store environment and customer experience: A paradigm. Journal of Fashion Marketing and Management, 19(3), 290-298.

In-text citation expextation:  (Sachdeva & Goel, 2015)

Reality:  (Sachdeva, 2015)

I checked the Out-put style and try to edit the APA 6th by untick “use initial only for primary authors…” and save as new style → didn’t work

I tried other style: APA 6th - full name, APA 6th CV, APA 6th sections => nothing changed.

Another case with APA 6th CV. The ref appear well but not in-text citation

Expectation:  Soomro et al., 2017

Reality:  Soomro, et al., 2017

Can someone help me to figure out what was wrong with my attempts? 

Thank you.

P/s: i tried to upload the screenshot file with .png then change to .jpg but this message keeps popping up “The contents of the attachment doesn’t match its file type.”

Did you enter the authors on separate lines?

If you have multiple authors in your reference in the EndNote library, make sure you have placed each author name on its own line. If you have not done so, be sure to enter a carriage return after each name. There should be no punctuation between each author as the Output Style will include this information:

Argus, Michele V.
Matthews, Edward K.

If this does not resolve the issue then I would suggest contacting Technical Support.

1-800-336-4474 option 4 then 1



It works. Wow thank you so much. I really appreciate this.