APA 6th Spanish

Hi everyone

Want to know if there is an extension or a style available to get the APA 6th formatting in spanish. Most of the documents many of my colleagues and I write are in spanish and although Endnote has been very useful, once is printed is somehow uncomfortable to se “&” instead of “y” and "in pp " instead of “en pp”

Does anybody knows if this does exist? Where?. A colleague uses Zotero and the style is very simple to include.

I’ve tried editing output styles, however it does only allow two languages -English and French-

Any solution?



I created (well… I translated) the APA 6th edition EndNote to Spanish. I was looking forward to share it with the community, but I think is not possible. I can send you the style if you want. For free, of course.

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You can attach it to a message (Attachments choose file below the message you are writing box) - it is likely to be in a user endnote/styles folder, not the program styles  folder.