MLA and APA formats

Does the EndNote latest version format for APA (6th ed.) and MLA (3rd ed.)  ??


The current version of EndNote includes Output Styles for the APA 6th edition and MLA Style Manual 3rd edition.

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And if you have an older version of Endnote, you can still download them from the support site, but note that there are some changes that need to be incorporated for the APA 6th in some older versions of endnote in the ref type tables (as noted in the style “About this Style” overview, copied below.

Important Note: This style is based on some changes to the base reference type matrix of EndNote. For those of you using a version of EndNote prior to version X4.0.2 you will need to follow the instructions which can be found at: Just search for “APA 6th”

The APA style is a very complex style. EndNote can handle most of the requirements of this style, but EndNote does not include the full spectrum of reference types that are described in the APA manual. If you are citing a reference type that is not included in EndNote, you should consult the APA manual. You may need to add or modify your own reference types, if so you can follow the instructions in the help file under “Adding and Deleting Reference Types.”