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I’m a first semester doctoral student and recently began using Scrivener with my Endnote instead of Word. I finally figured out how to join the two.Yay! But I have a few questions.

  1. APA 6th says when using doi:  there is no space between the colon and the first number. Where can I go to tell Endnote to stop entering a space after the colon?
  2. I am having trouble with online references: just enters “from www.xxxx” - not retrieved from.
  3. Reference titiles are entered first word capitalized and the remainder in lower case.  However, when the title contains proper nouns, or other words that should be capitalized - it isn’t doing that. Is there a setting I’m missing?

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  1. Interesting as I didn’t notice this before but the EndNote APA 6th output style does add a space between the word “doi:” and the DOI number. Removing the space requires modifying the bibliography template* so for example in the case of a Journal Article the last segment of the

APA 6th-modified.ens (62.7 KB)

  1. Interesting – I never noticed this before but you’re right that the EndNote APA 6th output style erroneously inserts a space between the word “doi:” and the DOI number. To remove the space will require modifying the EndNote bibliography templates*.  So for example, the last segment of the  Journal Article bibliography template should be changed from this: Pages|. doi:•DOI

          to this:      Pages.|•doi:DOI

Note that the 3 symbols (|, •, `) represent the commands: Forced Separation, Link Adjacent Text, and the accent for marking letters/words that are meant to be displayed (e.g., “doi:”). Review the templates and modify as needed (refer to attached image and modified APA 6th output style for a point of reference).

Note that changes to the output style will be saved as a new file: APA 6th Copy. So adjust both EndNote and MS Word to use the new output style.

  1. The EndNote APA 6th output style appears to be correctly formatted to display “Retrieved from”. Are you using the correct reference type (e.g., Electronic Article, Electronic Book, Electronic Book Section, Online Database, Online Multimedia, Web Page)?  Also is the URL addressed being stored in the EndNote record’s URL field? 

  2. If you’re manually entering your references then you can self-correct the capitalization as you type. If you wish to change capitalization after  the data was entered or downloaded from online databases you could use EndNote’s “Find and Replace” feature [Go to the toolbar, select Edit > Find and Replace].  You could also use EndNote’s “Change Case” feature to build lists of words with specified case settings [Go to the toolbar, select Edit > Preferences].


*To modify the bibliography template(s):

  1. Go to the EndNote toolbar, select Edit > Output Styles > Edit APA 6th.

  2. In the APA 6th dialog box in the left column locate “Bibliography” and click “Templates”.

  3. Review the templates and change the ones using DOI so the final segment is:     |•doi:DOI

    APA 6th-modified.ens (62.7 KB)