APA 6th

Can anyone help. I struggle with endnote.

I am using APA 6th. When I insert citation ithere is no comma between author and year. suggetsions would be really helpful.

It is quite easy to edit the Citation template, but when I check mine, a comma is included, so you might want to download a new copy - and save as to a new name (append word comma, for example).  

To edit the one you have 

Edit, Edit Output style, Edit “the output style you are using”, then the citation “template” – as shown in the attached.  

Then save AS  to a new name, and go to the manuscript and change the output style in use to the newly edited version of the out put style.  Do not save it to the same name.  You may have to view all the first time after creating the new style, to find it in your list of styles.