Apple, Pages 7.2, book titles don't show up in italics

Hello there,

I am using the latest version of Apple Pages 7.2 and Endnote 8.2. When I make a reference, the book title is not displayed in italics. In Endnote I have changed the font from Helvetica to Verdana under “preferences, display fonts, general”. In the style manager I changed the templates style in Verdana under Bibliography and Footnotes. The template itself looks like: Author, Title|, trans. Translator|, Series Title|, ed.^eds. Series Editor|, deel Volume| (|Place Published: Publisher, YearEdition|)| , Cited Pages|.

But the book title will not appear in italics. 

In the old Pages 09 it all works fine. 

Can someone please give me some help. 

The Pages plug-in for EndNote does exhibit an issue in which font effects (bold, italic or superscripted text) is not applied to formatted references at all with the EndNote plug-in.  Currently, there is no workaround for this issue and we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

We are suggesting that users contact Apple about this ongoing issue with the plug-in.