Italicizing book titles (MLA)

Dear all,

I am using endnote X5 on Mac with Pages.

In the footnotes book titles, journal titles etc. are always underlined. I would need them italicized. I tried to edit MLA.ens and found under “footnotes” the option templates but somehow I cannot change them to italicized :frowning:

Thank you very much!!!

You can select the text that you want styled differently, and then use CTRL-I for italics, CTRL-B for bold, and CTRL-U for underlined. CTRL is STRG on a German keyboard, and is “cmd” on a Mac (the former Apple key).

If the italic thing doesn’t work but underlining does, you have chosen a font for display that doesn’t have an italics version, and you need to change your font in the preferences.

Also see here, I had a similar problem with the italic thing: