Reference style not working - Mac OSX

I’ve got a copy of Endnote 7X with Pages 5.5.2 and I want to have my references in the Harvard style. Within the Endnote viewer, it appears to display correctly with italics. However when I have inserted the reference into my Pages document, it is displaying in the bibliography without italics. When I’ve tried manually changing the details, none of the italics are working. Underlining does work. 

Anybody know what’s causing this and a way to fix it?



What you’re describing is known problematic behavior which impacts the Apple-developed Cite While You Write commands for Pages 5:

You can find related conversation in the following forum thread:

Aside from manually applying the desired font effects after the final formatting of your document, you wouldn’t encounter the described behavior with Pages '09 or Microsoft Word 2008/2011.

I do apologize for any inconvenience caused by this situation.

And before you blame Endnote developers, Apple impliments the add-in for Pages, so you need to complain to them!  (I am not associated with Thomson or Endnote or Apple, just a user).