MHRA Italics problem with Pages on Mac

I’m having a number of problems and new to using Endnote so hopefully someone has some answers here. 

I am using a specific version of MHRA downloadable through my university. When I go to Output Styles and Edit Output Styles and I click on Bibliography Templates the book is italicised as it should be. There’s an image below. 

It all looks fine on the preview within Endnote. 

When I open up Pages on my Mac however and attempt to add a footnote and then add an Endnote citation in it, the book is neither italicised in the footnote nor in the accompanying bibliography. I just don’t understand how to change this or why it’s happening when it seems to fine within Endnote. Is it a problem with what I’m doing in Endnote or a problem with my Pages formatting? I’m quite new to this, having just started an MA degree and previously in my undergrad I just referenced manually. 

Thanks for any help people can give. 


(N.B. There’s also, you might note, an exceedingly infuriating (and not to mention incorrect) space between the title and the publishing information on the footnote (not the bib.) and I would be very grateful if someone could point out the discrepancy there too as I can’t seem to find the problem on Output Styles on Endnote itself). 

Don’t work with Pages or on a Mac, but I did find this KB article. 

To advise on the spacing issue, you would need to upload the actual .ens file so I could examine the footnote template itself, but it is likely to do with the positioning of the link adjacent spaces and separate | character positions (or lack there of) in the affected template for fields that are not used or filled.    

I also found this one: – the relevent section might be below , but I am not sure how old this is.  

Note:  The following issues are resolved by the  9.0.1 iWork update or later. Note when the update is applied, Pages will be version 4.0.1 (or a higher number). This can be obtained by going to the Apple menu and selecting “Software Update.” If you cannot update at this time, you may use the workarounds provided here.

  • Footnotes currently do not maintain italics. At this time, we recommend manually fixing this after finishing all_EndNote _formatting.
  • Superscripting and Subscripting are reversed.
  1. To get around this issue, you can open the output style in EndNote X2 and reverse the superscripting and subscripting, go to the File Menu and use “Save As” to save the style with a new name. Note you can name this style with “Pages” at the end so you don’t overwrite the original style.
  2. Next, go to the portion of the style where the Super/Subscript needs to be applied. This is typically either Citations/Templates or Bibliography/Templates.
  3. Highlight the text that is Superscripted or Subscripted, and go to the Edit Menu> Font. Here change the Superscript text to Subscript, and Subscript to Superscript. Once you have done this in each place in the style, close and save the style.

Thanks! Tried to follow the steps on the article and changed the font on Pages to Times New Roman. Seemed to fix the bibliography bit but not the footnote issue so still unsure on that one. I don’t have Word and haven’t used it for a while now and it would seem strange if EndNote and Pages were not compatible in this way. Hopefully I’ll be able to get it resolved soon.