Are there major differences between Chicago Manual 15 and 16?

I have a long document with over 200 footnotes and am using Chicago Manual of Style 15th ed. 

Years ago I made some small changes to the Chicago Manual of Style 15th ed.  I hardly remember what they were, (but along the lines of eliminating the period at the end of every citation in a footnote).

The manuscript has just been accepted for publicatlon in a journal that has recently updated its style to Chicago Manual ed. 16.

Are there major changes between the 15th and 16th editions?

I no longer even remember how to edit a style and I’m not sure I remember all the small changes I made to CMS15.

I have had some serious problems with corrupted notes in EndNotes in another article (due to bad past practices).  I’ve been working on this document for about 8 years.  I am hesitant to do anything to change the Endnote style or any other automated feature.  In the course of writing this article, I’ve switched from a PC platform to a Mac, which only complicates things.  (I am using Snow Leopard with Endnote X4)

Any help, suggestions, advice would be greatly appreciated. My preference would be to leave it all as is, but if there are major changes in format in CMS16, I will have to find another solution. 

I found this summary, which implies there are very few things that will have changed. 

I would send it in as it is, and let the editors mess with the minutia! - and on a copy, strip the endnote fields. 


Thank you!