Astrophysics Data System

The SAO/NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS) – is a bibliographical database used by astronomers. The database allows download of references to EndNote using extensive data search options. Unfortunately importing records in this way implies using a web navigator and some extra steps. If you want a broad search or you know the author, title or some abstract words in the record, importing directly from EndNote would be probably faster.

ADS uses Z39.50 protocol and supports 4 record syntax: SUTRS, HTML, XML, and ADS Tagged Records. The later (value 1.2.840.10003.5.1000.147.1) would be very useful for EndNote users if there was a similar record syntax option in the connection setup, but there isn’t. SUTRS and XML are the only available options for EndNote users.

I have prepared connection files for the four database names (AST, INST, PHY, PRE). You can download these files from

and save them in your <Username>\Documents\EndNote directory.

Records are imported as Journal Articles, because neither SUTRS nor XML downloads include Reference Type identifiers. Thus, several different Proceedings fields will be imported into the Journal field, and manual edition will be necessary. ADS Bibcodes (such as 2007ApJ…664…702V) will be imported into the URL field (another logical option would be the Label field). To convert Bibcodes to the corresponding URL addresses add:

For example,

This ca be done from EndNote using:

Tools -> Change and Move Fields -> Change Field

  • “In” URL
  • Check “Insert before field’s text”
  • Uncheck “Include a space before (and after) the new tex”
  • In the text box insert “” 

I hope that astronomer colleagues find these connection files useful.

Regards, J.A.