Download PDF with citation

Thank you for helping me.

I’m wondering if it is possible to download a citation’s PDF from a journal database at the same time the citation is downloaded.   I don’t mean downloading the citation from the database and then using the find full text tool within Endnote.  I mean exporting the PDF with the citation in one step.

No. It is not possible to do these two actions in one step. This is specifically by design to minimize traffic to the data provider servers and to try to avoid unnecessary downloads of PDFs. They way we have tried to design these functions in EndNote is to support the following workflow:

  • Customers search and download many references using the Online Search tool

  • They review and/or organize and edit these records

  • Often many of these records are deleted or not used

  • Users then select a subset of references for which they need the full text PDF and use the ‘Find Full Text’ function to try to find these files.

Jason Rollins, the EndNote team

Thank you for your feedback Jason.  Sorry it took me a while to respond.  I thought I would receive an email when someone replied.  I’ll have to check my contact settings.

From your response, I’m not sure if you understood me correctly, but I think the answer may be similar.  I was referring to the situation where instead of searching for citations using Endnote, I actually go to the journals website and download a citation from their website.  In this case, I am purposefully downloading one or a couple of articles that I know I want (since I’m doing so manually and selecting specific articles).  I would be visiting the website instead of searching for the citation in Endnote, because I know that I can’t obtain the pdf using Endnote’s “Find Full Text” feature.  For instance, I often can’t download articles for journals that we have access for through JSTOR.  In these cases, I don’t even bother searching for the citations in Endnote, because I know I’m going to have to go to JSTOR on the web anyway to download the PDF.   I just download the citation from the website on my way to the PDF.