Author Bolding

Bold selected author names.  This currently can only be done with the find and replace command.  This approach is problematic for several reasons, including:

  • new records will not be affected
  • can be done only one name at a time
  • if there is more than one author with the same last name it is possible to highlight the wrong author
  • highlighting the whole author name is unreasonable since there tend to be too many iterations of each name

I am trying to figure out what you would suggest to streamline this? 

I assume this is to produce a bibliography list, for example, in one’s own CV with their name bolded to emphasize their role? 

(mind you, I am not associated with the developers, and am just another user).   

I use EndNote in a different way than most users.  I take care of all publications for a Cancer Center - this includes over 150 member labs.  EndNote tech support suggested I use the find and replace method, which might work except a library of PI names would seem to me to work a lot better.  If I could build a terms list of PIs that would have aliases (Augenlicht, LH and Augenlicht, L and Augenlicht, L.H., etc.) that would get bolded on all publications that exist in the library and on new ones as they are imported, that would be optimal.

Also, I have several author names that would be problematic.  For instance, I would want the author Hall, C.B. bolded but would not want anyone else with the last name of Hall bolded (I also have some Smiths and a Jones).

It seems that a terms list would do the trick, but I am not sure.  Currently, I am going to start doing the find and replace, which is something I want to do only once given the number of authors I have.  

Yes, interesting problem.  I don’t see a way to use term lists as they don’t allow font attributes.  People have had similar requests for terms needing to be italicized, for example. 

If a standardized list of names, I wonder if it would it be possible to maybe run a macro on the file before importing to achieve the bolding requirements and whether they could be retained after importing? 

Googling “bold specific authors in references” I only see LaTex and biblatex solutions, and they are still pretty search and replace dependent, with shared surname problems.  But you propably knew that…   

I wrote a script to do other things in EndNote a while back (in X7 to do the find ref updates without okaying each one) I suppose I could ressurect this and modify it.  Still not the best solution.

My solution to this problem is not very elegant but is as follows:

When I import new references (every Monday) I follow a certain procedure in order to customize the references after import.  I have already customized the import filter so it puts the grant information in a different field and certain other items in other fields.  During this time I also mark each reference for certain characteristics.  I have appended to my procedure the bolding oof author names.  This is a little cumbersome and is prone to human error, but it is the only solution I have come up with. 

I have automated the backup function in X9 (windows) and the script is attached (note that it is written in AutoHotKey - . ) I also automated, in the same way, the saving of new publications from an outlook email (in Medline format).  That script is also in the attached zip file.
EndNote (2.62 KB)