Bold last name in bibliography


I have some problems to figure out, how i can capitalize the last name of the author in the bibliograpy in my own style. I want it bold, like:

Lisken , Georg / Denninger , Abraham / Maunz , Theodor, 2013, Booktitle, 3. edition.

and i dont want it to be bold in the footnode, like:

Lisken (,et al.), 2013, page 1222.

Can somebody give me a hint?



Unfortunately this will have be done manually as it can’t be automated in EndNote. In order to bold-font just the auhor’s last name, the author’s first and last names must be stored as separate fields. EndNote stores author names in a single field (Author).

Addendum: Sorry, didn’t read CrazyGecko’s answer properly and semms to have given the same answer as he did :wink:

Another way is to manually bold authors’ last name after the manuscript is finished. NB! You need to do this on a COPY of the original manuscript without EndNote field codes (Convert Citations and bibliography → Convert to Plain Text) or EndNote will remove the bolding when you open the manuscript the next time (as the style says no bolding of authors). Keep the original file with field codes in case you need to change ciations of references later.

Not an optimal solution, but a way to do it.

Best wishes

Jan Ove