Author-Date style not showing year

I am using Endnote X5 with Microsoft Office 2010. I have my output style set to Author-Date, but most of my references (not all) have the year excluded. If I individually click on each citation, I can uncheck “Exclude Year”, but is there any way to do this for all citations? I have also tried other output styles that are supposed to show the year (like EMBO), but the year still does not come up. Why are some years excluded? Help anyone?

 I don’t know why this happens but here is what I would do if it happened to me.

The quick way, if you don’t ever want to exclude the author is to edit the Endnote  preferences for formating to ignore that possibility (untick the “omit from citation if omitted from the temporary citation” box). 

Another more permanent way is to create a style that creates a square bracketed “endnote-like” citation with the year.  Make it from scratch, as you don’t need any bibliography for this. Put this in the citation template [Author, Year #Record Number]. Save it as a new output style from Endnote.

On a copy of the document, reformat the citations with that output style. Best to do this with that preference unchecked mentioned above.) Then unlink the fields (select all and ctrl+shift+F9) and reformat with your original style, but convert the curly bracket temporary citation delimiters to square brackets (in the format bibliography menu).  After they are formated you can switch back to curly brackets in your format bibliography menu window without any consequences. 

Thank you for your suggestions. I tried both, and it still excludes the year.

and the record itself has a year in the right field?  contact me from PM (click on my name and it will take you to a window with a PM link). 

Actually, slight correction to my previous post. The fix works for all new references, but it does not for references that were in there before. Thanks a lot, I still have to go through a couple of references, but this will definitely save me some time.

okay, but if you check your Private messages (that little envelope in the upper right) you can send me a copy of the formated manuscript and I can look at it to see if I can identify the problem?