Temp citations missing the year

I work in a company that has 50+ EndNote users of varying expertise. We use EndNote X7 and MS Word 2010.

Lately I have noticed that if I convert to temporary citations in a document that another user has originated, I see {Smith , #123} instead of {Smith 2014, #123}. The year is missing. 

I know that you can exclude the year by editing the citation, but I don’t think that our users are doing this on purpose. Can you think of any other (probably accidental) way that they are inserting citations that would cause the year to be absent?



not really, unless they messed around in the ref type and renamed the “year” field or are entering their years in the Date field instead?  

At one time in my life, (really before the direct endnote/word interface) I only entered record numbers by hand.  -and the developers added in the option to show author and year, even if they are missing from the citation in preferences (Formating under endnote’s preferences.  – untick the Omit Author and/or year…"  option). Then it won’t make a difference (assuming they haven’t put the year in the wrong field).    

to fix it permanently - I have also been known to create a style that has [Author, Year #RecNo] as the citation template and then removed field codes, and change my temporary citations delimiters to square, and let it format the corrected template.   

We had the same problem, but there is a way to fix it. 

If you go to Edit, Preferences. Click on the formatting tab. There is a option to “Omit Author and/or Year from formatted citation if removed from temporary citation.” Uncheck that box and that should stop the year from disappearing.