Editing citations styles - citations that have have Exclude Author & Year

I am using standard APA and have modified the two citation templates present to include “Original Publication”:


(Author,|Original Publication/|Year|, p.^pp. Cited Pages|)

Citation - Author (Year)

Author (|Original Publication/|Year|, p.^pp. Cited Pages|)

My citations now are fine when inserted and the original publication date is present if defined within the reference.

But, when I use, through Microsoft Word, the Edit Citation(s) drop-down option and select Exclude Author & Year on references with page numbers previously entered, I get “(1969/, p. 130)”  but I want (and had before changing the style) “(p. 130)”

Similalry when I select Exclude Year, I get: “(Foucault,1969/, p. 130)”.

Exclude Author, however does function as intended: “(1969/2010, p. 130)”

Where can I find the style in ENDNOTE for this output format?  

Any help greatly appreciated as I am lost for ideas.

It would help enormously to have the output style itself attached to see what you are seeing, but I think I can see the problem.  

“Original Publication” is a field (with the original publication year?)  (i.e. 1969 in your example)

If so Excluding the Year is only ever going to exclude the field “Year” - and is never going to remove the other field “Original Publication” (which Endnote doesn’t recognize as Year) hence you still see 1969/ in the citation and your expectated output of 1969/2010 when you exclude only the author.  

I don’t have a good solution though.  Maybe some others have a solution to your dilemma?

If you instead used 1969/2010 in the “Year” field in the first place, it would work as expected, I think.  But that might mess up your bibliography I guess.  In my field at least, we never cite both years in the citation.  We just make sure the information to find the cited materials is clearly defined in the bibliography.  


Thasnks for your input.  Re Output Style, I think I did include it (I’m new to this, so my use of terminology may be somewhat at variance to normal use).  What I go into Edit / Output Styles/ APA Alans Version and select Citations / Templates I see (this is my updated version):


(Author,|Original Publication/|Year|, p.^pp. Cited Pages|)

Citation - Author (Year)

Author (|Original Publication/|Year|, p.^pp. Cited Pages|)

Your analysis that Remove Year simply removes the one field makes sense.  So, it maybe that I need to

  1. add my own templates such as Citation - Author (Page) - but I cant find any Add button at all
  2. find some hidden ‘system’ templates that I could alter


Instead of putting the original publication data in a separate field (“Original Publication”) it would be easier just to modify the data in the record’s Year field to include both the original publication date and current publication date (refer to attached image). Keeping the two dates together in the same (Year) will eliminate the problems you’re encountering when trying to exclude Author, Year (or both fields) and will not affect citation pagination when page numbers are present…

So just modify the citation templates to their original format (or download and install a new APA output style file) and adjust the Year field for references having original publication dates.
dual publication dates in Year field.gif

Thanks - this certainly works and is a useful work around.

But it is a work around and ENDNOTE certainly has structural issues that need to be resolved.  The issue is that the purity of the database is destroyed by having to use bad practice to cater from issues with citation insertion.  I think it is clear that:

  1.  not using Original Publication Date and having 2 froms within Date *(e.g. 1969 and 1969/2010) will limit thew ability to filer and order data - exactly why you use a database and one of the every useful features of ENDNOTE
  2. the ability to manipulate citations at a document level is limited

A far better solutrion would be:

  1. be able to define a full set of Citation templates in ENDNOTE
  2. these to be passed to document packages that offer options based on these templates


There is nothing stopping you from still using the fields “Original publication year” and “year” – you just can’t use them both in the citation.  The other option, is to hide the whole citation (exclude author and year,  but I much prefer to do by making the citation hidden text, so I can still SEE it!)  and then type in exactly what you want to appear.  Old school but it certainly works.  I anticipate it will be a long time before you will see Endnote come out with citation templates that are ref type specific.  And to have the option of hiding various fields beyond year and author.  – If you didn’t want to do that, you could have a template that includes the original publication year, and just ensure that any punctuation was excluded when the field is empty in most cases.