3-m dash not appearing for subsequent author works

I am using endnote4 for mac, osx 10.6.4, and using a Chicago A (modified) style. My Word Doc and Endnote are both set to the same output style, and yet author names are still being listed even for subsequent entries. This has been driving me cracy trying to figure it out. Any help would be much appreciated. Also, I have to edit some of the bibliography entries because they are not proper Chicago format, and yet with each reformat, those edits are undone. Not sure how to make corrections so they will be permanent. Thanks for the help!

Almost missed this, as it is the wrong part of the forum… (and it has been moved now to be in the right forum, thanks to the moderators)

Have you checked to ensure author names are exactly the same in the two records?  Often subtle differences can have this effect. 

If the style isn’t giving you the output you want, you need to edit it.  You can now attach your style to the message and tell us what it isn’t doing right, and we can suggest the fix or even tweak it and post it back.  Otherwise, if you are desperate, the only thing you can do is to unlink the fields on a copy of the manuscript and make the changes, for now.  Making changes in a field  just reverts to the field when the CWYW runs again.