author (year) function not working

Hi there,

I would appreciate some help with my Endnote formatting. I am using windows 10, Word 2010 and Endnote x8, Turabian 8th Footnote style. I would like to set the footnotes to display ‘author (year)’ but the function isn’t working.

I have tried Edit>preference>formatting>“omit author and/or year…” I clicked apply, formatted bib., closed and reopened Word and Endnote but it didn’t work.

The year is listed in the reference under ‘year’ not ‘date’.

Any suggestions are appreciated!


The setting you are trying to use does not work in a footnote:

Edit & Manage Citations Dialog

Display as: Author (Year): Select this option to display both the author name and the year in the highlighted citation.

This feature does not apply when editing a citation in a footnote.



Since you are looking to get a custom format from the Turabian style I would suggest contacting Technical Support to see if what you are trying to achieve is possible.


1-800-336-4474 option 4 then 1



Hi Tony,

Thanks for your reply. That makes a lot of sense!

I would assume then that Endnote recognises different references from the same author in a footnoting format? Is there a function to distinguish them?

I have now also tried Edit>output styles>turabian>templates…

  1. unchecking the box that says “when using the short form…”

  2. rewriting the code for the generic short for and the journal short form to include the year instead of title

Neither has worked for me so far. Any ideas how to correctly rewrit the code to include year?


Lets back up.

I first tried APA 6th and inserted the citation in the footnote and edited the citation in the footnote to Author (Year) and it worked fine in Endnote X8 on a windows machine in Word 365.  I see the APA 6th settings are “same as citation”.  

I was also able to edit the short form to get that to show up (but the short form is only invoked when it is the second time cited in a footnote). 

I stopped there, so I could get a more clear idea of what you are trying to achieve? 

Exactly what do you want when in the footnote and you want the year to disambugate rather than the title? You want a fuller citation or full reference the first time?  Is there also a bibliography?  Are there Journal/publisher instructions that you can provide that explain these requirements? 

Then can you put your current output styles in a zip and attach them? (I still don’t think this forum will allow .ens file attachments, but I haven’t tried again lately).   

In regards to your first question:

I would assume then that Endnote recognises different references from the same author in a footnoting format? Is there a function to distinguish them?

You can look at the setting under Footnotes

For Repeated Citations and Author Lists

In regards to the second question

You can try this modified version of the style which for a Journal Article Short Form should produce Author (Year)

You can unzip the file attached to the post and then use the following steps to add it to EndNote.

Double-click on the downloaded file to open it in the EndNote software.

 Click the File menu in EndNote and select Save As.

 Click Save.

 Close the style window.

 The style has been added to EndNote.

Let us know if you have any additional questions.

Turabian 8th Footnote (7.52 KB)

Hi Leanne,

Thanks for your help!

I am using Turabian 8th (footnote style - ancient history). 

The first references are fine but I am trying to get Endnote to disambiguate subsequent references from the same author when they are from different publications. Eg I have four references from the same author which are all in different publications yet each reference after the first one is entered into the footnote as “Spalinger,  p98”. This is regardless of the publication it’s from. 

So this style doesn’t seem to automatically disambiguate subsequent journal or book references by the same author. It does not do so by year or by title. At least I haven’t been able to get it to do so!

I would be happy with title or year disambiguation for subsequent references (the lecturer is pretty relaxed).


Thanks Tony. I tried both suggestions and neither worked.

After I edit the footnoting templates I save it and then click “format bibliography”.

Is there anything else I should be doing?


You used the modified style in your document and you did not get the format

Author (Year) ?

Please be sure you switched styles in Word using the following steps.

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(edited: see Tony posted same idea)  Are you saving it to a new name?  (You should) and then changing to that new name in the word document? (You must).  

Hi Tony,

It worked!

I hadn’t changed the style within the word document. Once I changed the style the footnotes updated.

Thank you!

Thanks for your help Leanne.