Authorless reference problem with Chicago footnotes

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I’m having problems with using the Chicago footnote style.

When I put in a citation without an author, the following reference (if it is a repeat reference) does not show the author surname. This is demonstrated in the attached image.

First image: In footnote three I repeat the reference in footnote one. You can see that the second footnote’s reference has no author and the repeat reference in the third foonote does not display the author either.

Second image: I remove the authorless reference in footnote two and footnote three works as intended.

Third image: I use an alternate reference with an author in footnote two, and footnote three works as intended.

Fourth image: I use the authorless reference from the first image but put in a dummy author name (‘a’) and footnote three works as intended.

Why is EndNote struggling so with authorless references?

Thanks for your help

Note: As a workaround I tried entering a space into the ‘Author’ field for the citation without an author, but that didn’t do anything.

Note 2: If you could tell me why the title/short title isn’t showing up in the repeat reference as intended that would be great. My style for ‘Journal Article - Short form’ is: Author, “Title,”| Cited Pages|.

I get the same result – I am assuming it is a bug.  Putting in a new citation after the no author, before the repeated citation restores the author to the 4th citation… Very strange.  

But – If I change the footnote Author list setting from "omit the author list (for subsequent works by the same author) it is fixed.  I am not sure what that might break though.  (I unticked the box)

Note  2  – the setting for footnote templates has a box ticked “When using the short form, include the title field only when needed to disambiguate a citation”.  If you untick that box and save as and then change the output style to the newly modified one, at least the title shows up, but still no author for the 3rd repeat citation… 

Anyway, a copy of the style with these two changes is attached.  

Chicago 16th Footnote (disambiguate change).ens (80.2 KB)

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Thanks Leanne