Auto library backup on version upgrade

Until this latest version (7.5.3), every EndNote upgrade I have ever done concludes with the library reference window open and containing all references of a library. Today, the window appeared but completely void of any library references. A quick click on File -> Open Recent provided nothing but a greyed out “Clear Menu”. A discussion with technical support resulted in no explanation for the loss of my library. Fortunately, I had a backup copy from a couple of months ago. This unfortunate event made me wonder why the version update process can’t automatically install a backup copy of either the most recent library used or perhaps a copy of the most recent libraries used in the past X months. This backup could be copied into a new folder in the EndNote application folder of the new version being installed. It seems this would be quite an easy feature to include in the upgrade sequence with minimal programming effort. Everyone should make regular backups, but an auto backup feature as part of the upgrade installation would offer extra protection for those who 1) either never made a backup or 2) haven’t done so recently.Thanks!!