Automatic Formatting won't turn off in X4, and won't allow suffixes


I’m using X4 for mac, and Word 2008, and I have deselected the enable automatic formatting in the CWYW preferences, and I have gone to Format Bibliography window and turned automatic formatting off there too, but when I insert a citation, it not only automatically formats, but won’t allow my to put suffixes in (e.g. page number), and simply deletes whatever I add.

Some help on these two issues?

First, Have you also unformatted the refs that are already existing back to curly bracketed {Author, YEAR #RecNo}? 

Second turning off the CWYW preferences, turns it off for creating new manuscripts, but doesn’t affect existing manuscripts.  Turning it off thru the Format Bibliography only changes it for the manuscript you are working on. 

Third, How are you adding the Page number?  In the unformatted curly bracketed version - you can add page numbers {Author, YEAR #RecNo @PgNo} (if the style has cited pages specified in the citation template)  or just add the text you want to appear {Author, YEAR #RecNo pp. 32-33} (which doesn’t require any special template specific items).  If you are adding them to formatted (grey fields) citations you must select or put your cursor in the citation and use the “edit citation” Endnote tool.  Just typing it in, will not affect the real underlying field, and that will disappear the next time the fields are formated by Endnote. 

Unformatting citations, then turning it all off seems to work, but this seems REALLY ridiculous 1. that there are 2 different places to control auto-formatting, and 2. that those controls don’t actually work unless you first unformat the citations (which one apparently must put aside one’s frustrations with 1 and 2, and intuit the solution).