Endnote has stopped automatically formatting citatation


I have a really anoying problem and can’t seem to find a solution on the web, so would appreciated any guidance.  Am using X2 and word 2007.  I have the document set to an output style and was doing some large copy and paste from another document.  So, to stop endnote from messing up, I selected unformatted text in both docs, did the cut and paste, then reslected the output style again.  Now, whenever I insert a new citation, it does not format, but leaves the new citation as unformatted.

The settings look OK to me, does anyone have a solution?


In EndNote X2, automatic formatting is turned off when you unformat a document. To turn it on again you have to click on the tiny icon to the right on the “Bibliography”, choose “Instant Formatting” and click the “Turn on”-button.

Thank you erik-arnes1!

That’s sorted it, wish I had asked here first instead of trawling the 'net for hours lol.